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Enjoy our Custom Made Packages

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Agios Nikolaos

Overview of Agia Pelagia

Herakleio, Crete Island

Agia Pelagia is a cosy small seaside village on the north coast of Crete  with a very important geographic location that has influenced its history throughout the centuries, according to the numerous ancient findings. Its fertile land, the protected harbors and the rich landscape created the perfect base for the establishment of settlements since the antiquity to the region that we now call Agia Pelagia. This magnificent region situated approximately 20 km west from the capital of Crete, Heraklion.Agia Pelagia takes its name from the homonymous church, in the Monastery of the Sebbathians, ruins of which are found at a distance of 1 km west of the village. The most detailed excavations took place in 1979, when it was claimed that Agia Pelagia was the ancient town of Apollonia during the Hellenistic Years; it was a very important town, with its own University, a Prytaneum, fortresses and castles, parts of which were found during the excavation. Along with these archeologists found ancient ceramics, coins from nearby regions such as Gortys, but also coins from Apollonia itself, with the head of God Apollo on the one side. At the archeological museum of Heraklion visitors can see many of these findings, as well as semiprecious stones found in Agia Pelagia region. Where Agia Pelagia is now, there used to be an ancient Greek city, it has been inhabited since around 2000 BC as most findings date back to 1700 BC and 1300 BC when the inhabitants had dealings with Faistos, Knossos and the Cyclades.The amazing part of this region is that despite of the two major disasters suffered, the first at the ancient town of Agia Pelagia in 1200 BC by fire and the second time of the destroy was probably due to a seismic sea wave from the eartquake that created in Santorini.
Today, the Agia Pelagia has a great tourist development with noumerous of 4 star hotels and many apartments, the bay is protected from the wave-creating north winds, and the sea is almost always serene, and it considered one of the most popular destination for the tourists and of course the locals. 

Accommodation in Agia Pelagia

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